Call for expressions of interest in relation to the provision of services for the treatment/recovery of bag filter dusts arising from the sinter flue gas cleaning, from a circular economy perspective


Acciaierie d’Italia S.p.A. (“ADI”), with registered office at Viale Certosa 239 (20151) Milan, Italy, operates, among other sites, the steelworks located in Taranto (the largest integral cycle steelworks in Europe).

ADI, in collaboration with the DIATI Department of Politecnico di Torino, one of the top European technical Universities for education and research, is seeking to identify and select the best possible solutions – under the industrial, technical, environment and economic point of view – for the provision of services (the “Services”) for the treatment/recovery from a circular economy perspective  of bag filter dusts, arising from the sinter flue gas cleaning in ADI’s agglomeration plants (“Bag Filter Dusts”). ADI’s filter dusts (minimum daily production equal to 25 t/d) come from the sinter plant bag filters by means of the addition of sodium bicarbonate and active carbon reactants. Bag Filter Dusts are characterized by particle-size dimensions below 30 µm.

Accordingly, ADI calls on market operators to express their interest to participate in the process to identify and select the above-mentioned best possible solutions for the provision of the Services (in a circular economy perspective solution involving at least the 50% b.w. secondary raw materials recovery from Bag Filter Dusts will be preferred).

When expressing its interest, either in Italian or English, each market operator is invited to:   

  1. suitably identify itself (name, registered office, tax / VAT code, description of its business, any other relevant information);    
  2. designate the necessary contacts (e-mail, phone, address) where it wishes to receive any communication hereunder and a reference person;
  3. provide suitable evidence of the necessary technical and commercial experience in the provision of services for the treatment / recovery of wastes, particularly in the field that is relevant hereunder;
  4. expressly accept and agree to all terms and conditions of this call for interest;
  5. duly sign such expression of interest by an authorized signatory (providing a suitable ID document thereof and appropriate evidence of powers).     

Participation is permitted either individually or jointly between two or more participants (in which case, the details under 1, above, shall be provided in respect of each such participant).

The expression of interest shall be sent by no later than September 30, 2023 via certified electronic mail at [email protected] or by registered, and properly sealed, mail with acknowledgement of receipt, or by hand delivery (to Acciaierie d’Italia S.p.A., Viale Certosa, 239, 20151, Milan) with the following subject: ‘Expression of interest for participation in the selection procedure of the best offer in view of a possible subsequent assignment concerning the provision of services for the treatment/recovery of bag filter dusts, arising from the sinter flue gas cleaning , from a circular economy perspective’.    

Unsigned or belated expressions of interest, or expressions of interest submitted in the interest of an unidentified person will not be taken into account.

Any additional information and/or clarifications concerning this call for interest may be requested to Prof.sa Mariachiara Zanetti, DIATI Department of Politecnico di Torino, by e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

After the submission deadline, ADI will consider all expressions of interest received and decide, at its own discretion, which participants meet the necessary requirements. ADI will then formally reach out to each such participant, whether by means of a letter of invitation or otherwise, in each case setting forth the details, terms and conditions for the subsequent phase(s) of this procedure, as well as technical specifications, terms and conditions of the requested services and the duration of the assignment.

This call for interest and the submission of expressions of interest do not in any way bind ADI to proceed with the procedure, nor any of the participants in the procedure would thereby accrue any right or claim vis-à-vis the Company. This call for interest is not a public offering pursuant to Article 1336 of the Italian Civil Code, nor a solicitation of funds under Article 94 et seq of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 58 of February 24, 1998 (as amended).

Documents provided in the framework of this procedure of expression of interest are definitively acquired by ADI without being due any considerations, subject to customary confidentiality restrictions. Data collected during the procedure shall be treated in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, exclusively within the scope of this procedure and, to that end, the participants, with the submission of the expression of interest, authorize their treatment.

Costs incurred by participants shall be entirely borne by the participants themselves.

This call for interest and the whole procedure started with are governed by Italian law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Milan (Italy).


Milan, September 1, 2023

Dr Lucia Morselli

President, CEO




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