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STEEL COMMITMENT 2023 in Novi Ligure with ‘COATED’, the 2023 commercial roadshow of Acciaierie d'Italia



After the debut event dedicated to 'OFF THE SHELF' products, held in Racconigi at the end of March 2023, more than 150 Italian and foreign customers of Acciaierie d'Italia populated the Zinc Coating line of the Acciaierie d'Italia plant in Novi Ligure for 'Coated,' the second commercial meeting of 2023.


The first event in Racconigi


A definition that highlights the features of the productions developed in the Piedmontese plant dedicated to coated steel. Novi Ligure is home to the Group's production center for cold-rolled and galvanized products, working on semi-finished products coming from the Taranto plant and passing through Genoa. As the endpoint of the group's supply lines and a point of contact with the most industrialized areas of the country, Novi Ligure also produces high-quality components for the automotive sector.

An exceptional setting for a meeting that provided an opportunity to present to the customers and partners of Acciaierie d'Italia some of the innovations that the Group has developed to meet the needs of the various industries it serves. The event was attended by CEO Lucia Morselli, the newly elected mayor of Novi Ligure, Rocchino Muliere, and the Northern Area Manager of ADI, Orlando Rotondi.


The Novi Ligure event


During the event, representatives from the top management of Acciaierie d'Italia took turns on stage to delve into the latest developments that have confirmed the Group's role as a reference point in the Italian and European steel market.

As highlighted by the Sales Director, Andrea Bellicini, Acciaierie d'Italia possesses several unbeatable strengths compared to its competitors. First and foremost, it offers a complete range of products, including hot and cold-rolled, tubular, galvanized coils, and tinplate. This wealth of products qualifies the company as a one-stop-shop capable of meeting the needs of every industrial sector, with the ability to respond to specific installation and supply requirements as well. The quality that has always characterized Acciaierie d'Italia's products, making them suitable for sectors sensitive to minimal variations such as the automotive industry, was a recognized feature by all participants.

This quality is made possible by the extensive repertoire of expertise within Acciaierie d'Italia, from technicians to sales managers, who can apply advanced know-how in all aspects of steel production.

This wealth of quality and knowledge is constantly updated through listening and dialogue with their partners and customers, which, as Bellicini emphasized, facilitates the constant improvement of performance and services that the company can provide.

In this regard, 'Coated' was an opportunity to present the latest product developed by Acciaierie d'Italia in response to specific requests from Italian production chains: LuZiMa®.

LuZiMa® is a coil conceived at the Novi Ligure plant, coated with a layer of zinc and magnesium that gives the steel extraordinary resistance to corrosion, reaching an unprecedented level of surface protection suitable even for the most hostile environments.


Zinc-Magnesium coating scheme

SEM image of Zinc-Magnesium section


LuZiMa® is produced in a classic hot-dip galvanizing line but is immersed in a molten bath with a specific composition that includes zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. This composition enables the final product to respond even more efficiently to welding and painting, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

But LuZiMa® is not the only product innovation presented during the Novi Ligure event. With the aim of providing customers with materials suitable for the development of new green technologies, Acciaierie d'Italia has developed new lines of magnetic steels already available to its customers.

'Coated' then continued with a guided tour of the plant led by the Director of Novi, Salerno, and Socova, Gennaro Papallo. This allowed guests to observe state-of-the-art facilities such as the Decatreno, the Annealing line, and the Galvanizing and Electrogalvanizing lines, making this plant one of the most advanced in Europe.

The third appointment of STEEL COMMITMENT 2023 is scheduled for September, this time at the heart of Acciaierie d'Italia's activities: the Taranto plant.

The meeting, named 'PRIMARY,' will feature the presentation of further innovations that will characterize the Group's commercial offering in the coming year.




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