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Product information - In addition, anyone intending to purchase products should not rely on product information but must further ascertain the actual nature of the products and their actual suitability for the use to which they will be intended. Acciaierie d'Italia may also make improvements and / or changes to the products described on this site, without notice.

English language - Most of the documents on this site, for convenience, have been translated into English from documents originally written in Italian. In preparing the translations, an attempt was made to translate as literally as possible without compromising the general discursive continuity of the text. Inevitably, however, differences can occur in the translation and, if this happens, the Italian text will prevail.

Legal terminology - In translations, Italian legal concepts are expressed in English terms and not in their original Italian version. The concepts in question cannot be identical to the concepts described by the English terms, as those terms could be interpreted under the laws of other jurisdictions.

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