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The 2021 Sustainability Report of the Taranto plant



The Report, approved by the Board of Directors of Acciaierie d'Italia, relates to the sustainability of the Taranto plant and includes, among other data, the information for the years 2019-20-21 on the control of emissions from blast furnaces, on investments related to the implementation of the 2018-2023 Environmental Plan and to the actions carried to strengthen the circularity of the Taranto plant. The latter concern both R&D activities (a few weeks ago the publication in Nature of a joint study with various European and world universities), and the reuse/recovery of materials.

A further important aspect is the safety of employees and related workers. In the Taranto plant, 100 injuries were recorded in 2021, 89 the year before, 173 in 2019. A result made possible by the attention to training people thanks to a total of 127,972 hours provided.


Download the full report here.



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