The first two of four new cutting-edge cranes to improve raw materials handling delivered and operational at the port of Taranto



Taranto, 3 March 2023 – In February, the delivery of the first two of four new LPS 800 cranes was completed at the Taranto Port Area managed by Acciaierie d'Italia. The new cranes, supplied by Liebherr – world leader in the lifting equipment and material handling sector – will significantly increase the handling capacity of raw material flows arriving at the port of Taranto.

The new LPS 800 machines represent the most advanced technology in the field of raw material handling for the iron and steel sector. In order to respond to the specific needs of the Port of Taranto and the steel works, Acciaierie d'Italia has chosen an ad hoc version of the LHM 800 model, the largest gantry crane in the Liebherr portfolio. This customized model will allow the company to use the already existing runways on the pier and to improve efficiency and safety compared to the current diesel-powered machinery installed on mobile gantries. In fact, the slim profile makes these machines more resistant to the action of the wind, and the Liebherr SmartGrip technology ensures a better seal of the material discharged from the ships, reducing the risk of dust emissions. Each crane will be able to handle up to 2,000 tons per hour, with the possibility to use also the space under the portal.

The four cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 144 tonnes and are 100% electrically powered, ensuring emission-free operation. The cranes are equipped with the Liebherr Pactronic hybrid system, which allows to accumulate energy during the discharge of material in the hopper and then reuse it during material unloading from the ship's hold, improving the performance and electrical consumption of the machines, while controlled through latest generation software that pays particular attention to safety constraints, also of a weather/environmental type. Furthermore, all the unloading activities of raw materials will be carried out with "ecological buckets" until material charging onto conveyor belts (in turn closed on four sides) directed to the plant, thus eliminating the possible risks of spilling of material or dust in the workplace.

The first two new cranes started operation in February 2023, and the second two are expected to arrive at the fourth pier in April.


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