In Taranto the final stage of the commercial roadshow “Steel Commitment 2023”



Taranto, 28th September 2023 – “Steel Commitment, Primary”, the final meeting of the 2023 commercial road show of Acciaierie d'Italia was held today at the Taranto plant. The two previous stages were in Racconigi and Novi Ligure. Participants and customers from all over Italy and several European countries gathered in Taranto, for a total of around 500 people. The event, chaired by the Commercial Director Andrea Bellicini and the Plant Director Vincenzo Dimastromatteo, was held in the presence of the CEO Lucia Morselli.

During the event Alessandro Labile, Environment, Health and Safety Director of Acciaierie d'Italia, underlined that - having concluded the 2018-2023 Environmental Plan - it can be stated that Taranto steel respects the environment. To this end, approximately 2 billion euros have been invested in these years.


Acciaierie d'Italia is now ready to transfer to its own products the environmentalization of the plant, the only one in Italy and the largest in Europe to produce primary steel.


SWG Research

The steel product sustainability issue was introduced by the presentation of a research on "The Role of steel in the perception of sustainability of manufacturing products", carried out for ADI by the SWG Research Institute on a representative sample of Italian, German and Spanish citizens.

The research shows that as many as 74% of people interviewed in Italy believe it is very important for companies to pay attention to environmental sustainability, a figure higher than that of other countries.

In the question related to production and the environment, citizens' greatest concern is for emissions, first of all those of polluting substances and then secondarily for CO2.

In particular, the research highlighted that over 40% of consumers would prefer sustainable steel products for the same price; 30% would choose it even if at a higher price.


Monitoring and certification of emissions by RINA

Based on these results, during the Taranto stage of Steel Commitment Acciaierie d'Italia raised the bar of steel sustainability by announcing to have created, in collaboration with RINA, a platform of constant monitoring and certification which includes over 200 monitored chimneys, 50 water sampling points and detailed soil analysis during specific interventions.


Steel Peninsula: certified 'Made in Italy' steel with reduced environmental impact

From this process of constant environmental controls "Steel Peninsula®" was born, the brand that defines and certifies the steel with reduced environmental impact produced by the Acciaierie d'Italia plant in Taranto, tracing its Italian origin. The new brand was presented by Commercial Director Andrea Bellicini during his speech. AdI's sustainable steel, combined with the renewed product range and the steelmaking context, allow the company to make a difference from international competitors, particularly those outside Europe, and to share this opportunity with the downstream mechanical, plant engineering and infrastructure supply chains.


Research & Development

The important developments on the Quality, Innovation and Research & Development fronts of Acciaierie d'Italia made a fundamental contribution to this strategic operation.

Adolfo Buffo, General Director of Quality, Research, Development and Sustainability, recalled in his speech the transformation process of the Taranto steel plant. The priorities have been, and will remain in the coming years, energy efficiency, ecological and energy transition, research, process and product innovation, competitiveness and training.

One of the ongoing projects is that relating to decarbonisation. From this point of view, the main pillars are the environmental optimization of the hot phase area, the electrification of the same area - with the introduction of DRI technologies - and the development of a series of new energy facilities, including regasification units, desalination plants, technical gas production plants, offshore wind and photovoltaic systems.

The most important asset is the new Research & Development centre where 12.5 million euros have been invested in over 2,200 sqm dedicated to innovation, with the support of 15 laboratories and 40 people including researchers and engineers.


The Technical Academy

AdI's roadmap of constant innovation is also supported by collaboration with leading companies and with a network of leading universities and research centres, together with which, among the various initiatives, a Technical Academy is realised every year in the Taranto plant, a real Steel University also open for free to a selection of young collaborators with high potential from client companies.


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