Research at the core of every company activity

Our approach


To make a circular and low emission economy a reality, requires a special commitment in innovation, with the cooperation of all people involved.

Clients, investors and communities are willing to cooperate with a company capable of anticipate their needs, namely as far as sustainability is concerned. To answer to this task, we have to design the right solutions for a future made of mobility, buildings and infrastructures with a low environmental impact, by using less raw materials, producing less emissions and ensuring the full reusability of secondary products.

Innovation is among the strengths of the company’s operations. Our R&D is constantly committed to the development of new solutions designed to increase the energy efficiency and the final products performance, according with our Clients needs. The products we offer and the processes that are behind them are the outcome of decades of research and innovation.

Currently, our Research & Development team is focused on four key areas.

Research & Development


Our Research & Development team is constantly committed to explore and study the most recent technologies and new materials.


Among the achievements of 2020 stands out with special relevance the completion and the commissioning of the building exclusively devoted to Research & Development. It is an avantgarde structure both from an architectural and functional standpoint, right at the center of the area occupied by the Taranto plant. 

The Center covers 2,000 square meters of offices and labs. For its construction have been invested 2.5 million euros with further 10 million scheduled for the following years. When fully operative, 18 engineers and 12 lab technicians will work in the Center, all new hirings.

Additionally, in 2020 were advanced works to carry on and complete activities already under way before the pandemic.

The Center is the result of a multi-disciplinary work that saw involved all the functions, along with the major research centers and the specializing providers of the area, ranging on a wide range of applications including: 

Despite the notable difficulties caused by the pandemic, environmental investing to guarantee the production sustainability were carried on with important advancements even in year 2020.