People and Environment

Always committed to set new standards

Road Map to the future


A suitable environmental performance is a prime condition for the achievement of the company’s goals.

Acciaierie d'Italia is equipping itself with all the needed technologies to complete the environmental transition also through strategic partnerships with the main technological and infrastructural entities active in our Country.


Based on best practices implemented by Acciaierie d'Italia in the field of innovation, we are already committed to improve our environmental performance in key areas, such as atmospheric emissions and the treatment of waste water. The program for environment protection of Acciaierie d’Italia currently on track follows the path of the actions taken since 2018 in its plants of Taranto, Genoa and Novi Ligure, with a special attention to the quality of the air and the water that we share in the communities and the countryside where we are active. Energy consumption, noise reduction, soil maintenance and protection, large use of by-products, represent some of our key areas of intervention.

Capital spending planned and underway for the Taranto Plant sum up to 2 billion euros.

Our commitment for the environmental recovery of the productive units of Acciaierie d’Italia are widely supported by competences, resources and management systems made available by the two shareholders: ArcelorMittal group and Invitalia.

All the environmental activities are closely monitored by ISPRA through ARPA Puglia, with more than 1,000 inspections aimed at verifying the compliance to the industrial plan as far as emission limits and waste water management are concerned.

Relevant data are collected in quarterly monitoring reports and sent to control authorities.


Main points of the 5-year environmental plan 2018-2023

Health and Safety


Safety is our absolute priority that drives us constantly in the maintenance and the development of high level professional team, with the capability of creating value even in this field. Preserving safety is a daily commitment for us all.

Our safety plans have the ambition to achieve the goal of zero work accident.

This ambitious goal can be achieved by promoting the company’s best practices, by constantly respecting and even go beyond the safety standards, and by the development of a shared culture of surveillance, where risks and dangers are detected, signaled and countered. The path towards the zero goal is a demanding one, but the significant and continuous abatement of the Lost Time Injury Frequency rate achieved in 2020, and with a better score compared to the averages calculated by the World Steel Association, demonstrates that we are on the right track.

Furthermore, at Acciaierie d’Italia we pursue a policy of monitoring and sharing of episodes where near miss cases were experienced, as we believe that the analysis of situation potentially leading to an accident represents a key activity.

The near miss episodes are shared on a by-weekly basis, so that the experience acquired in one facility or in a specific section can become a learning occasion to the benefit of all people within the company.

At Acciaierie d’Italia, safety procedures are available to all company functions through digital support for area managers and working teams – with access from totems a and other devices disseminated across the company structures and supplied to each personnel – to the purpose of simplifying the access to information and spreading a safety culture shared and communal at every level.



The plants of Acciaierie d’Italia are certified ISO 45001 for the management systems concerning health and safety at work.

Furthermore, the Taranto plant is qualified, according to art. 5, paragraph 3, of Decree 105/2015, as subject to relevant incident risk related to the usage of dangerous substances. Consequently, and in observance to the law, the site has adopted a dedicated safety code, certified by competent Authorities.

Competences and Training


The commitment of Acciaierie d’Italia for its employees is aimed at offer, each and everyone, occasions and opportunities for professional improvement, in order to allow them to fully develop their growth potential and offer their best contribution to the achievement of the company goals, in terms of productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Investing into the continuous training of employees represents, from this standpoint, the best avenue to engage them in the expected development for Acciaierie d’Italia in the years to come.


At Acciaierie d’Italia, we plan, design and organize training programs for our employees through our internal training school, to warrant a continuous upgrade of everyone competences within a continuously evolving context.

Our internal Training School has the ISO 9001 certification by IGQ and is in the process of being recognized by the Puglia Region, that will allow to issue certificates with validity all over the Country for those who have completed the courses.

The strong commitment devoted by Acciaierie d’Italia to the training activity was demonstrated once again in 2021, with the refurbishment of the Formation Centre, that will substitute the existing one and will be located just next the Research & Development Centre inaugurated on June 3rd 2021. The new Training Centre will cover 2,500 square meters and host classrooms and laboratories for the training activities.

Centro Formazione esterno 2

The project of the new Training Center of Acciaierie d'Italia in the Taranto plant


Bringing in the satellite activities

The Center devoted to training will also host training activities that Acciaierie d’Italia will share with and offer to its suppliers and to the companies of the area: their employees will be allowed to take the courses together with our people, and obtain as well the certificate of frequency with validity all over in Italy.

The shared training activities will also include detailed studies concerning risks and Prevention and Protection activities, representing a virtuous example of involvement of the satellite activities as well as the occasion to make disposable the competences of our internal trainers to the benefit of the companies with which we cooperate day by day inside and outside our company sites.


Courses and training initiatives

Safety is at the core of our commitment to training.

Our yearly programs are constantly updated according to disclosure compliance and the new scheduled activities, and are focused on four specific areas.

During year 2022 the training courses have been devoted to developing technical competences and to studying the rules and regulations concerning Safety&Security.

  • Personnel safety

  • Safety -d.81/08

  • Insulating ventilators

  • Forklifts

  • Emergency personnel

  • Fixed payload crane

  • Companies disclosure: dpr 177/2011

  • Use of special fall protection devices

  • Safety harness

  • Welding and torch – operational safety

  • Electric work expert personnel

  • Electric work suitable personnel

To those activities were added projects and training itineraries of special importance: